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Taylor Lee, PT, DPT.

The MavenShake Story

MavenShake's founder did not travel to the most remote villages of the world to discover its 14 superfood ingredients. Those stories of exploration and discovery on the home pages of major supplement companies are unbelievably full of marketing bullshit. We are not a marketing company shamelessly masked as a people-centered supplement business. Cliche as this may sound, we are exactly what we say we are.

The founder is a healthcare provider who had to rediscover his own health in his early 30s. He originally formulated the MavenShake as a quick and powerfully functional breakfast to support his chaotic life and a relatively fragile immune system. As his health markedly improved and he shared his not-so-secret formulation with family, friends, and clients, the feedback he received was overwhelmingly positive. The stories of lives improving kept coming in as his own health continued to peak. You can say the MavenShake was borne out of Dr. Taylor Lee being fed up getting the common cold and having a hard time keeping his energy up.

MavenShake was purposefully formulated to provide the functional ingredients in concentrated proportions without volume-increasing fillers and sweeteners. We understand that taste is a very personal preference. It made sense to us to provide you with the base of functional ingredients so you can create a smoothie which suits your personal taste and level of health pursuit. You can say our customers can range from those who just want a sprinkle of health all the way to those who are fully immerse in health 24/7.

Try the MavenShake for at least a month! We'd love to hear about how it stands out above the other supplements you've tried and its impact on your health.